Welcome Home, in Cherokee

Colorado Clan

Chief Joyce "Morning Blossom" Hoel
336 Ptarmigan Trail
Westcliffe, CO 81252

     O siyo member of The United Cherokee Nation (UCN).
     My name is Joyce Morning Blossom Hoel. I was born in Longmont Colorado, my parents were farmers. I have one brother and four sisters, My dad was full-blooded Cherokee and my mother was German. when I was growing up we always had a lot of animals and I learned to love them. I have always loved the eagles that I see flying around my home, they are so beautiful. I was also taught early in life to track and hunt, we would go with my dad to hunt rabbits and deer. Although I still like to hunt for animals, now I do not shoot them I take pictures of them. Growing up I was always interested in the "Indian" stories my Grandmother Gore told us. My Great-Great Grandmother was a "Cherokee Healer" in Missouri. I still remember those stories my Grandmother told us about her Grandmother.
     My husband and I live in a little town called Westcliffe, Colorado about 9000 feet up in the mountains. We have five acres. we both are retired. I was in nursing for 45 years. We have ten children, five our mine and five our his. lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren. For my free time I like to crochet and read and enjoy the outdoors. I am learning the Cherokee language online. I try to live a good clean life and help people when I can. I have always been interested in the real history of our people, and try to learn all I can. I am proud to be a part of The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) and consider it an honor and a privilege to serve in any capacity that the nation and the clan see fit.
                                                                                              Wado        Chief Joyce “Morning Blossom” Hoel             

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