Becoming A Member

If you have Tsalagi (Cherokee) blood and you want to become part of
THE "GATHERING" please fill out an application today.
Who We Are!
     Just to make sure everyone who is considering joining with us understands who we are. This is The United Cherokee Nation (UCN); we are not the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, the United Keetoowah Band of Oklahoma nor the Cherokee Nation of North Carolina (Eastern Band). We are a Worldwide Tribal Membership Organization, we are not a Federally recognized tribe. We are your Brothers and Sisters and all of Tsalagi (Cherokee) decent and blood. You will receive no government benefits that I know of, from joining with us. We stand on our own feet, we pay our taxes and do not receive any government handouts.
     You will be able to meet and learn about your ancestors from those who are just like you. We are some of the 750,000 "Un-documented Cherokee"; we wish to "Gather" all of those who want a place to call home and a family to celebrate their heritage with. It's what is in your heart that makes you a Tsalagi, not the card issued to you by the Federal Government that says you have enough blood quantum and / or your ancestors were counted like sheep in a specific place, at a certain time in the 1800 or 1900's. Although we do have some Federally registered members who have also joined The UCN, some due to dissatisfaction to what is now happening with the Federal tribes. Any and all Tsalagi are welcome, period. We do not discriminate in anyway. We do not care from where you come, or how you got to this place in time, as long as you now are on the White Path with us.
     The right to call yourself an Indian, specifically a Cherokee Indian is guaranteed to you by the Constitution of the United States and may not be limited in any way by those that do not agree with you or who are so young or so foolish as to remain brainwashed by the very leaders that lead them down the path to their own final destruction, as a Nation. Ask the Creator and you will be shown the "White Path of Peace", seek and ye shall find. I would hope some day to have all one million Tsalagi (Cherokee) as members.

Who Can Join?

We invite everyone on "Mother Earth" who claims the right to be Tsalagi (Cherokee) to join with us in "The Gathering".

Benefits of Joining!

We are not a Federal Tribe we are an international tribal membership organization. Most Tsalagi (Cherokee) people who do not belong to a tribe or cannot get on closed or restricted Federal Government rolls are left to fend for themselves. There still remains over one million natives who claim the right of having Tsalagi (Cherokee) blood. Because of political policy within the tribes themselves, it is difficult for those not born on the reservation or who have left their tribal homelands to get established back into any tribal organization. Join our International Tribal Membership Organization and come home to your family. Share and learn our rich history and culture with your Clan, your children and your grandchildren.

How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application that has been notarized. Please scroll down to the UCN logo, right click and print two copies of the application in case of mistakes. When you sign and get the application notarized you are making a sworn statement that you have Tsalagi (Cherokee) Ancestry. In 20 years any document that is notarized becomes a legal court document. Please do not send any un-requested documentation with your application to The United Cherokee Nation (UCN), Your documents remain part of your collection and history.

Take the time to carefully review the application information and make sure you make additional copies of all forms not only for you, should you make mistakes in filling them out, but for anyone you know that has Tsalagi (Cherokee) ties. This is the time for each of us who claim the right to be Tsalagi (Cherokee) to join and to assist in THE "GATHERING" of our people, under one collective international tribal membership organization.

Please email a request for a color copy of the Application Document in
Word 97 or Word 2003, or download the Adobe PDF from the link below.

The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Application



Click the link or the UCN logo to view and print
right click to download and save on your computer.
Pay by Postal Money Order or PayPal prered, no personal checks, please.
Application Dates:

Must be mailed, no email documents accepted and no registered letters will be accepted.

January 01 - Processing 45-60 Days - Packages returned by March 31

April 01 - Processing 45-60 Days - Packages returned by June 30
July 01 - Processing 45-60 Days - Packages returned by September 30
October 01 - Processing 45-60 Days - Packages returned by December 31

For your membership fee send your payment now by PayPal

$36.45, $1.45 covers the PayPal fee, make sure you email me when you do.


Here are the By-Laws concerning membership, annual dues / donation and Tribal ID Cards.


The membership may establish membership dues or special assessments that shall be paid by all members. All members are required to pay yearly dues by vote of the Tribal Council. All dues, fees and assessments shall be established by the Tribal Council and shall be evaluated, reviewed, and published each year. Yearly dues for all members shall be $ 15.00 per year. Dues for all members are due and payable on January 01 of each calendar year. Dues are considered overdue as of March 31, members who do not pay their dues by this date will be moved to the inactive list.

All Member Dues $ 15.00 per year, plus $ 1.25 Paypal fee


A non-refundable initial application fee for a new application for membership shall be established by the Tribal Council. For Full Members the initial application fee is $35.00, $15.00 is for the first year dues and $ 20.00 is for the membership package and picture ID card. For Full Members-Minors, children up to 18 years old, the initial application fee is $35.00, $15.00 is for the first year dues and $ 20.00 is for the membership package and picture ID card.


The fee for additional or replacement picture ID membership cards shall be established by the Tribal Council. The fee is $12.25 for an additional or replacement picture ID Card.

Contact Information;

See the Home Page for our current address, email address and phone number.

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