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The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) has purchased the Cherokee Language Course for our active members to Learn the Tsalagi Language. Contact us!

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Inc. offers free online Cherokee Language Courses. Click below.

Tsalagi Spirituality and History

Seven Original Clans

Cherokee Moon Ceremonies

Sacred Feathers

Powwows and Gatherings from PowWow'

Family History is a great place to find family names, actual census records, birth and death information, and much more! You must join this site to have complete access, some parts are free but limited.

Family Search

Family Search is a free site that you can use to look up Family History information. This site is provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Enrolled Cherokee Names

Dawes Rolls Search Page

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Enter in family names to search the Dawes Commission Acts. (Note these do not include the 1924 Baker Rolls or the Eastern Band Rolls, but if you can find family names on here then you can trace them to the Eastern Band of Cherokee.

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