Dues and Tribal Card Information

We will no longer provide a sample of the Actual Tribal ID Cards

     As of January 2016 The UCN will provide a new yearly ID card, to dues paying members.
As of January 2012 The UCN went to a yearly ID Card, they all expire on December 31 of the year that it is issued.

     As of March 2011 the membership and ID Cards will only be processed 4 times per year (quarterly) due to the volume and my schedule. Those dates are March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each year. If your application package is at the National Office before these dates they will be processed, any after these dates will be processed on the next processing date. This is until the office is staffed full-time. To be clear, if your application has been accepted and is ready to process then your card will be ordered the next quarter.

     These ID Cards are printed by a professional company on the same ABS plastic material as a credit card, laminated and are the same size as a credit card.

     You will receive a new style ID Card when paying your yearly dues, please contact the National Office.

     This ID Card can also be paid by PayPal, the link is on our Becoming a Member page, click here; BECOMING A MEMBER

Contact Information;

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