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Oregon Clan

Oregon Clan

O'siyo members of The UCN. I am on committee of the South Umpqua Native American Community Education Council (intertribal) to sponsor powwows and teach crafts - Manataka American Indian Council to research everything Cherokee and pass it on - 7 Tribes of Nation of SEQUOYAH to follow Sequoyah's mandate to search out ALL with our blood, plus the CNO Willamette TsaLaGi Community (Eugene OR) , where during monthly gatherings we share in a potluck and language courses.

Maybe one day I will be more concerned about proving my heritage, right now I am focused on finding others with bloodline (proven by the 3 Nations rules or not). I had not been invoked with a Cherokee name until recently, Chief Rogers of the Cherokee Nation of Mexico bestowed my name "Spirit of the Hawk" or by my grandmother (Vann) also Cherokee, she had my father name that name on me. She also was the one that bought me native style toys and told me stories of my Cherokee connection going back to Sequoyah

I was born out in Arkansas and spent the first half of my life living up or down to my Irish standards - I now choose to make up for lost time on my Cherokee blood and impatient as I am, I seem to be steamrolling for The UCN. Wado

Oregon Clan

Chief Rickey Garland "Vann" "Spirit of the Hawk" Guess
Roseburg, OR 97470

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