Seven Original Clans

Blue (A NI SA HO NI), who made medicine from a blue-colored plant to keep the children well. Also known as the Panther or Wild Cat Clan.

Long Hair (A NI GI LO HI), also known as The Twister, Hair Hanging Down or Wind Clan. They wore elaborate hairdos and walked with a proud, twisting gait. Peace Chiefs were usually of this clan.

Bird (A NI TSI S KWA), skilled hunters of birds, using blowguns and snares. They may have been messengers, as are the birds in many Cherokee legends.

Paint (A NI WO DI), who made red paint and served as healers and medicine men. They prepared teas for vapor therapy specific to each ailment.

Deer (A NI KA WI), keepers of the deer. Known for their speed afoot and success as deer hunters.

Wild Potato (A NI GA TO GE WI), gatherers of the wild potato in swamps along streams. Also known as the Bear, Raccoon, or Blind Savannah Clan.

Wolf (A NI WA YAH), the largest and most prominent clan. Most war chiefs came from this clan, the only clan allowed to hunt wolves.

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